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I'm a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a former hairstylist. My family and I moved to my childhood home, Big Creek, and we're slowly restoring it. There's always something to paint, plant, cook, sew, or just look at here at Big Creek. I hope you'll follow along!

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Best Football Food Ideas | Let’s Eat!

Best Football Food Ideas | Let’s Eat! I’m going to make you hungry today with my best football food ideas, and it’s the perfect time to do it! It’s just starting to cool off here, and football is in full swing. Get ready to break out your pasta pot, the chocolate chips, and your favorite […]

Salon Fresh Hair, On A Wednesday Morning!

Do you want salon fresh hair every day?  Don’t we all? Here are some common statements I hear from clients in my chair on a regular basis: “Now, if I can just keep it like this!” “If only I could make it look like this when I do it!” “I need you to come to […]


Pinterest DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Pinterest DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Have I ever told you about that time I made all my Christmas gifts by hand? Today I’m sharing my BEST Pinterest DIY Christmas gift ideas, and these are ones I actually made and gifted to my family! First, I’m sharing a little backstory, so bear with me. Here’s how […]

Makeup Work in the Salon

One would think that living in the Deep South, in This Small Town of Mine, that I would not get much opportunity to work with clients from different cultures. One would be right. When I get to do makeup work on diverse clients, I’m always pumped! *This post contains affiliate links, which means I may […]

Simple Wedding Updos | “I Do” Love Weddings!

Simple Wedding Updos ~ “I Do” Love Weddings! I created some simple wedding updos for a riverside wedding recently. The beautiful girls I had to work on made my job so easy, and this day certainly did not feel like a work day! “I Do” love weddings, don’t you? Summer is winding down here in […]