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Not Your Mama’s Brussels Sprouts

Were you forced to eat boiled-to-death, mushy Brussels sprouts as a child?  Could you smell their fragrant odor the second you came in from your afternoon play, and wished to be anywhere else but in that kitchen?  Or, is it possible you are one of those weirdos that actually likes boiled-to-death, mushy Brussels sprouts?  If […]

Four Course Birthday (Valentine’s) Dinner by Jimmie

How was your Valentine’s Day? Ours was lovely.  Lazy, chocolatey, and sweet…just the way I like it. The night before, however, was phenomenal!  I am still awestruck, and a little full, because of Saturday night.  Jimmie, my beautiful, awesome, amazing, fabulous sister, came home for a visit (and a hairdo).  I had not yet seen her […]

Snowless Snow Day Margarita Mixer!

Coach and the girls have another snow day!  There isn’t actually any snow, but it’s super-cold, and it snowed all day yesterday, so why not?  Especially when the school system has 13 built-in weather days to burn.  So, we’ll be kicking it here at the house, and I’ll be making my Snowless Snow Day Margarita […]

Delicious Chicken Pot Pie Recipe…No, Seriously…

I’m going to let you in on a delicious chicken pot pie recipe that you’ll come back to again and again when you’re in the mood for comfort food! Chicken Pot Pie Nostalgia Who else grew up on these things? Honestly, I liked a good ol’ frozen chicken pot pie every now and then as […]

Winter Food (How I Gained a Few Pounds)

What’s got me talking about winter food? The kids (including Coach) are out of school again today for snow!  Yes, again!  They also burned a snow day last Wednesday, but it was really just a little ice that was gone by evening.  Then, it really snowed.  It’s almost gone now, but this was Friday (yes, […]

Venison Barbacoa Recipe~Burrito Night!

Coach had the best birthday present!  He was blessed enough to go hunting and harvest a nice, fat doe on the last day of the season, which was the day after his birthday.  Actually, our whole family was blessed by this in the form of plenty of fresh meat in the freezer!  While I was cleaning and […]

easy Christmas baking

Easy Christmas Baking Day

Easy Christmas Baking Day I’m all about easy Christmas baking…everything is so hectic this time of year, so why wouldn’t I want to keep things simple? Even though we’re running around like the Griswolds being chased by a squirrel, I still want to make our favorite holiday treats. I carve out a day each year […]

Three Food Blogs I Love

Reading other blogs is a favorite pastime for me.  So is cooking.  It stands to reason that I would have a thing for food blogs! Since this is Thanksgiving week, and I ‘ll be doing a lot of cooking, I decided to share three food blogs I love with you today.  And, to let you know […]

Homemade Chinese Food | Marinated Teriyaki Steak and Easy Fried Rice

If you love Chinese takeout but don’t want to spend the extra money, consume all the preservatives, or wonder what’s in your dinner, I have a couple of great recipes for you!  My marinated teriyaki steak is a big hit with my family, and it’s super-easy to prepare. You can have delicious homemade Chinese food, including […]

Best Homemade Halloween Treats…They’re SPOOKTACULAR!

Best Homemade Halloween Treats…They’re SPOOKTACULAR! I’m bringing you my best homemade Halloween treats, and they’re super spooktacular! Not a Halloween goes by that we don’t indulge in these three delicious, adorable Halloween goodies! *This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provided. All opinions […]