DIY Birthday Sign for Tigger

DIY Birthday Sign for Tigger

Today is a very special day, and I’m sharing my DIY birthday sign so you can add it to your list of Happy Birthday sign ideas! (Everyone has a list of those, right? NO? Just me, huh?)

My youngest daughter, Tigger, is 11 today! It’s hard to believe that eleven years have passed since I recorded a very angry, snarling home video in the hospital, welcoming the poor thing to the world of “Mommy as a cranky heifer” (I’ll get to that in a minute).  Because of reminiscing over my unpleasant introduction (which she has never seen, thanks to the demise of VCR’s), I decided to do something really bright and cheerful to welcome her into her twelfth year of life (because it is, you know…she wasn’t 1 until she started her second year of life).  I spent a little time on Monday making her the cutest nostalgic birthday sign, and I’m going to share how I did it with you today.

nostalgic birthday sign

But first, let me explain that video.

You know how everything is magical and perfect when you have your first baby, and you just have to do everything right?  Somehow all of that goes out the window with the second one.  If Pooh dropped her pacifier on the ground, I’d wash it, then boil it, then microwave it for a few seconds.  Once it was perfectly cooled, I’d give it back to her.  If Tigger dropped hers, I wiped it on my shirt-sleeve and stuck it back in her mouth.  With the second child, you don’t have the time nor the energy to pull out the play book every time something goes wrong…you just go with the flow.  That’s kind of how it went with my “Welcome To The World” videos.

For Pooh, I recorded a video at home before we left for the hospital.  My hair was perfectly curled,  my makeup was on-point.  I cooed and smiled and told her how excited I was to meet her, and finished with how much our whole family already loved her and some kissy-smoochy faces and all that good jazz.

For Tigger, we swung by the Walmart on the way to the hospital to get batteries for the camcorder (y’all remember those?), because we kept forgetting to pick them up that week.  By the time Coach hauled the dern thing out and started shooting, I was already P.O.’ed at everyone in my hospital room.  The nurse tried to start my catheter before my spinal block (I don’t think so!)…after making Coach get up from a chair so she could sit in it to dig around in my veins for the 8th time trying to start my IV.  Not only that, but they were trying to take me to the OR before Madre got there, and that was NOT happening!  It went something like this:

Hey, baby girl.  We’re here.  This fat-a** nurse is useless and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with her needle, and she’s crazy as he** if she thinks she’s sticking that tube in my <bleep> before they numb me!  Anyway, we can’t wait to meet you, but wait we will, ’cause by gosh I’m NOT going anywhere until your Big Mama can get here!  Love you, see you soon!

Ahem.  Not for little ears. And please don’t judge me unless you’ve experienced pregnancy hormones first hand…you say things you don’t mean and wouldn’t normally say.

Unfortunately, things got worse after my c-section when the nurses let other family members hold Tigger before I could, and then again when they stalled too long before bringing her to me when I came out of recovery.  I’m pretty sure I was not the most popular patient in the maternity ward that spring.  I gave everybody in that place a piece of my mind!  Things didn’t go how I wanted them to go, and in my hormonal stupor, I couldn’t help but react.  Of course, there was my very favorite nurse N.R., who came in on that day (her day off, I might add) just to take photos for me!  She was on shift on day 2, and brought me a biscuit.  I was all better by then, and my three heads had gone back into my neck to lie dormant for a while.  Thank you, N.R.,  you know I’ll always love you!  I’m glad you missed the unpleasant side of Martie that day.

Nostalgic DIY Birthday Sign

This adorable little nostalgic birthday sign is a much more pleasant way to start my baby girl’s birthday, don’t you think?

nostalgic birthday sign

What makes this a nostalgic birthday sign (aside from causing me to reminisce about my ill demeanor on the day or Tigger’s birth)? I found some of my favorite baby pictures of Tigger and glued them onto the canvas using this stuff. Nothing takes me back to a happy place like looking at my kids’ baby pictures!

nostalgic birthday sign

I have a pretty ridiculous collection of scrapbook supplies (for someone who doesn’t scrapbook), so I dug around in those until I found the perfect embellishments, and I stuck those on, too.

nostalgic birthday sign

(Tigger totally believed those Fisher Price rings were high heeled shoes.  She wore them all over the house for months!)

I used two cute lengths of ribbon to make the “11” in “Happy 11th Birthday”, which I painted on with acrylic paints and a small detail brush.  I used red, orange and yellow to go with my cute flowers and stick-on-thingies.

nostalgic birthday sign

I had to add some balloons, because Madre made me a birthday sign every year for my whole childhood, and she always added balloons.  Plus, balloons are just very birthday-ish. Once I did that, my nostalgic birthday sign was complete!

I went ahead and put her sign in a prominent place in our kitchen on Monday, so we could start celebrating a little early.  Tigger loved it! She spotted it within a few minutes after she came in from school, and literally started clapping her hands.  She’s so precious. Pooh and Coach were surprised, as well, and they both loved it, too.

Tonight, we celebrate for real with Tigger’s Lasagna Rolls and cake and ice cream.  Don’t you just love birthdays?

I’m off to Tigger’s school to surprise her at lunch time today. Shhh!  Don’t tell her! I’m not taking her nostalgic birthday sign to school, that would just make her want to crawl under the table.

The food that’s offered at school makes me want to crawl under the table… I can eat school chicken nuggets once a year, right?

nostalgic birthday sign

Happy Birthday, Tigger.  You’ll always be my baby.

Here’s a linky to my favorite song on April 13, 2005.

Will you make a nostalgic birthday sign for your kids on their next birthday?  It’s a really fun way to get them in the birthday spirit, and looking at all of those old pictures made me want to make Tigger’s birthday extra special.  I don’t think we’ll take it out of the kitchen for a while!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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