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Waves On Wednesday: I Remembered Pictures!

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means, right? No, not humps, WAVES! It’s Waves On Wednesday! Can you tell I’m excited? Well I have reason to be! I remembered to TAKE PICTURES! Okay, so I only remembered twice, but seriously…have you been in a salon during the afternoon rush? Have you spent many Fridays in a […]

Waves On Wednesday: Angled Bob With Highlights

It is so frustrating that I can’t remember to do things that I really need to do, like take pictures of my work in the salon.  I would love to share more of what I do with you on a weekly basis, but I always forget to take pictures!  Vroom-Vroom, our nail tech, tries her […]

Prom Planning Checklist for the Best Prom Hairstyle

Prom Planning Checklist for the Best Prom Hairstyle Want to get the best prom hairstyle possible? I’m bringing you another prom planning checklist, but this one is for the clients (Hairstylists, I have a prom planning checklist for you, too)! Follow these tips to make sure your formal hairstyles for prom are top-notch, and to ensure […]

Waves On Wednesday: Such A Tease!

What is the South’s most renowned hairstyle? You guessed it….BIG! The bigger the better, we like to say. Of course, not everyone has naturally big hair like I do. Some folks have to work at it, using lots of great products, and a little technique called “teasing”, or technically, backcombing. You don’t have to use […]

Big Creek: One Little Improvement At A Time

I had the best day off a few weeks ago.  It was 19 degrees outside (that was the high), and these amazing fellas came over and got started on our tree removal.  We had to get rid of some, as I explained here some months ago.  It was the most fascinating thing I’ve ever watched! […]


Growing Out Short Hairstyles With Style

Growing Out Short Hairstyles With Style I have some great tips for growing out short hairstyles, and doing it with style! You don’t have to suffer through the frumpy stages if you can just muster a little patience and be open to some cute styles along the way. I’m also sharing my best healthy hair […]

Madre’s Big Creek Vintage…Coming Soon!

The super cold, super blustery days have been good for only one thing: staying indoors! Unfortunately, our new/old digs are not very warm inside when it gets down in the teens and single digits. I’m so excited to be sitting here in my shirt sleeves typing this, with no sweatshirt on over it or layers […]

Waves On Wednesday: Pooh’s First Dance

That dreaded time has come: I’ve been faced with the challenge of being ‘hairdresser/makeup artist’ for my own offspring.  We in the beauty industry know that this can sometimes be challenging, given that as ‘parents’, we know absolutely nothing, couldn’t tell fashion if it hit us in the face, and are complete and total idiots. […]

Salon Retail in Small Town America

As you can imagine, I love to follow beauty industry-related magazines on Facebook and Twitter. I love to see new ideas for hair color, follow what’s trending for cuts, and I also love the occasional controversial article or Q & A about my line of work. I recently read an article about selling retail that […]

Big Creek Bliss

Tuesday, December 23: Today was a much better day, consisting of a full day at the salon until 3:30, and tons of candy making tonight.  This post was written mostly yesterday, but our new high-speed internet isn’t always so high-speed, so getting a post together takes a while.  It’s not bad, just a little slower than […]