Avon Holiday Products Are Here!

Avon Holiday Products are Here!

I have not done much blogging about my Avon business (well, maybe a little), but it’s time I did…the Avon holiday products are in brochures now! There are just way too many adorable things to not share them with you! If you’ve begun to at least think about starting your Christmas shopping, then you are in the right place.

If you love shopping from the comfort of your own living room with nothing but a computer and a mouse, then you’re really really in the right place! You can browse all my top picks of all the Avon holiday products right here on this blog post, and I’ll provide the links to those products in my online store! Thanks so much for looking, and happy shopping!

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m still Martie, but I’m also Martha Hanna, Avon Independent Sales Representative. I’ve been in the Avon biz for 2 and half years, and I absolutely love it! I have met so many fantastic people since I signed up, and am part of 4 amazing teams, counting my own. My Avon business is definitely my second job, and I work it as such. I’ve had so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like a job, but the benefits I’m experiencing tell a different story. Having the extra income is huge, especially during the Christmas season!

I’ve decided that occasionally I’m just going to have to blog about Avon. It’s a really important part of my life, so it had to come up eventually. I love what Avon stands for, the causes they fight for, and I love the products! We definitely have something for everyone. I won’t annoy you with repeated Avon posts, but once in a while I’ll just have to share something spectacular…and let me assure you, the holiday items are spectacular!

on the cover

My favorite thing about Avon is the brochure. I love having a catalog to flip through, and even after 2 and half years as a representative, I still enjoy looking through every page of every brochure that comes out! Here is the cover of the current brochure, complete with a link to browse the whole thing online.

Avon Holiday Products

Featured on the Campaign 24 brochure cover is the new Iconic Avon lipstick collection. These are already a huge hit! With beautiful vintage packaging and rich, exclusive colors, they are perfect for any woman on your list. These limited edition lipsticks are only $6.99 each!

Iconic Avon Lipstick

That’s just the beginning when it comes to the Iconic Avon collection! There are several other vintage-inspired items to choose from, like these gorgeous mirrors! I have both of the mirrors pictured below, and they are very well-made and so darn cute.

Iconic Avon collection

The Avon True Color Mistletoe Kisses is a classic tin filled with 60 of our lipstick bullets! Everyone loves Avon lipstick samples, and what better way to find your favorite shade than by trying them all? It’s hard to believe you can get 60 lip colors for just $25, plus the cute collectible tin!

An Avon Icon – Skin So Soft

Sticking to the Icon theme, there is no bigger Avon Icon than Skin So Soft! The next thing I’d love to encourage you to try is the Limited Edition Skin So Soft bath sets for winter! These sets make amazing gifts at just $14 each! I’m just going to show you the whole page so you can read about each luxurious scent. I am a huge fan of the Wintersoft! It smells amazing, and makes my skin feel completely nourished in the cold weather months, thanks to the Shea butter and the Vitamin E!

Skin So Soft is definitely an Avon icon, and all of the Skin So Soft products are huge sellers. Of course, everyone knows about the Original scent, the Soft & Sensual, the Supreme Nourishment, and the Radiant Moisture (if you don’t, click here). But there’s a new kid in Skin So Soft town who has to be mentioned, especially since I already said that I am a fan of shea butter! Check out the Skin So Soft Comforting Shea collection!

Avon Icon

This collection was introduced several campaigns ago, but was limited edition. It’s back, and I couldn’t be more excited! I absolutely adore this line of Skin So Soft products, and I’m definitely planning to stock up, especially while it’s at these sale prices above! Hopefully the shea butter line will stick around for a while…it seems to be a huge hit!

You know what else is super-popular, and probably going to sell out soon? Yes, it’s another Skin So Soft product packaged adorably just for the Christmas season!

Avon product images

These precious Christmas tree-shaped bottles of Skin So Soft shower gel are only $6.99 each, and you can choose between Original, Radiant Moisture, and Soft & Sensual! What a fantastic stocking stuffer!!

Avon Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do! It’s something we do as a family, and it’s become a tradition to play Christmas music while we decorate the tree and set out all of our treasured nick-nacks. I’m so excited about the Avon Christmas Decorations this year! They’re absolutely gorgeous. Plaids, twinkle lights, nostalgia and whimsy!

Avon Christmas Decorations

I just adore that plaid table runner, but I think it needs the Holiday Reindeer Figurine. What do you think? What a bright and festive way to present your Christmas dinner! Sorry, the adorable reindeer plates pictured above are no longer available. I know Avon had a good reason for pulling them, and I’m thankful for working for a very trustworthy company that cares about their customers!

Of course, the ornaments in the top part of the graphic above deserve some attention! I’m pretty sure I’m in need of an upgrade on my star tree topper, and this is the one I want! It lights up, y’all! Here, take a closer look at the Star of Wonder Light-Up Tree Topper!

light up star

It’s absolute perfect! And don’t miss the “in-action” shots of the beautiful Light Up Church ornament and the glowing Nativity!

Avon always has something spectacular to add to your Christmas Village! I wonder how many Avon Christmas Villages are displayed across the world each Christmas? Here are this year’s contributions…the gift shop, the theatre, and Book Shop, complete with the important details that bring on the charm! Introducing the Holiday Village Scene 11-Piece Set!

Avon Christmas Villages

There’s also a fun, busy Christmas tree stand scene that would make a super addition to any Christmas Village! Meet the Trees for Sale Winter Scene! When it comes to Avon holiday products, nothing beats these adorable pieces that really bring Christmas to life in your home.

Avon Christmas Villages1

My personal favorite this year is this Holy Night Holiday Church. I love the details in this piece and I really think I’m going to have to have it. Believe it or not, this gorgeous church is only $29.99! I can’t stop looking at it, and I know I’ll be even more enamored in person.

What I love most about all of these Avon Christmas Villages pieces is that they all light up! There is nothing cozier than having tons of twinkling lights all over your home, and it makes the Christmas season so much more magical.

Speaking of lights, this sparkling tree is one of the most gorgeous Avon Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen! Just look at this amazing tree! its 4″ x 4.5″ x 11.25 and it lights up with beautiful purples, blues greens and reds! I absolutely love this piece and can’t believe it’s just $24.99! If you need a Sparkling Light-Up Tree in your life this holiday season, this is the one!


Avon Christmas Calendar

Avon is known for calendars…am I right? Whether it’s the calendar lip balm, the good ol’ Avon wall-hanging calendar, or some special feature that comes out at the holidays, you can count on knowing what day it is with Avon around! You’re going to love the Christmas calendars this year! First, the 12 Days of Christmas Tea Light Calendar:

Avon Christmas Calendar 3

What a fantastic gift this would be! This calendar includes 12 tea light candles: Holiday Cheer, Campfire S’mores, Spiced Pear, Winter Nights, Mandarin and Clove, Cinnamon Bourbon, Snow Day, Whipped Caramel Swirl, Vanilla Crème, Spice Wreath, Frosted Balsam and Cranberry Cider. It’s only $16.99! Where else can you get a gift this cute for under $20?

I have definitely saved the best for last. I am so crazy about this last Avon Christmas calendar, and I know you are going to love it too! Talk about a nice gift! Check out the 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar!

Avon Christmas calendar

Avon Christmas Calendar 1

Just look at all the fantastic products you’ll be gifting with this one adorable, whimsical calendar! They’ve stuffed this one full of best-sellers! I’m feeling quite certain that I’ll be treating myself to one of these…shhh!!

are you ready to start shopping yet?

As you can see, Avon has a lot to offer for holiday shoppers! The best part is how affordable all of these great products are, and that you can have them delivered right to your door! If you would like to know when Avon offers free shipping codes, please visit my Avon eStore and register to receive emails. You’ll get all the insider info!

I wish for you all an easy, inexpensive Christmas shopping season. Thanks so much for visiting! I’d be thrilled if you would leave a comment below and tell me which of these products are your favorites! I love hearing from you all!

Have a super day, and please come back soon!

X,O,X,O,   Martie