Bracelet Yourself: A Crafty Bezel Bracelet

When I go to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Walmart, I go straight to the clearance section. That’s my main and only goal upon arrival. I have found so many cool things in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby, time and time again. I got a GREAT deal on some high quality acrylic paint once, and I have been a clearance aisle shopper ever since.

Not too long ago I found this little bezel bracelet,

Looks fancy, huh?

Looks fancy, huh?

and bought it without giving it much thought.

See why I didn't give it much thought?

See why I didn’t give it much thought?

I tossed it in a drawer, and fully expected to find it one day and get one of those light bulb ideas.

Instead, I got inspired by a magazine’s back cover, and remembered the bezel bracelet all by myself!  So I got to work!

First, I placed my bracelet upside down on the magazine, on a spot I didn’t want in the design. I traced it and cut it out with an exacto knife, and used it as a template for my squares.    square

I picked specific areas of the colors, so I could have my bracelet go from red to yellow with a nice flow. I just fell in love with this vibrantly colored smoke effect! Thank you, Behind The Chair Magazine, for having a great design on your back cover!Be careful with the scalpel...

I placed the squares into the bezels, and filled each one with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It says to let it dry for three hours, but I just left it overnight.   You don’t need to shake the Dimensional Magic before you put it in, because that will create little air bubbles in your finished project.  If you do see some bubbles while it’s wet, just push them out with a toothpick or other small object.  You won’t be able to pop them….I tried that…but I was able to sort of scoot them out of the bezel.

Fill 'er up!

Fill ‘er up!

photo (95)

I love how it turned out,



but I regret not gluing the squares down before using the Dimensional Magic.

I got some great little hair elastics and bobby pins with bezels from Hobby Lobby online, so I went with the same idea on those hair elastics. I glued the images into the bezel with Mod Podge, let them dry overnight, then filled in with Dimensional Magic. I had to do all kinds of engineering to get them level,


but I succeeded. I love these! I’m going to keep a few for me, and if you want to see how they turned out, you can go to my Etsy shop, AHairInMyBiscuit, and take a look!  I haven’t found the perfect idea for the bobby pins yet.

Speaking of….have you guys checked my Etsy shop out yet? I have some awesome stuff in my shop, if I say so myself. Everything in it was made by me, and I’m going to keep loading new things every week. I hope you’ll visit , and remember Etsy when you are Christmas shopping (yeah, I said it)!

This was a quick and fun project, and I’m diggin’ my bracelet. I hit the clearance aisle again over the weekend, so be on the lookout for some new projects! I also have a selection of glass jars (some I bought on clearance, some I got from Ragu) on my work table, but I’m waiting for them to speak to me.  Stay tuned!

X,O,X,O,   Martie