Brighter Days Ahead

Yes, there are brighter days ahead…look who’s back!!

Complete with a new light bulb!

Complete with a new light bulb!

I could not be happier.  My fabulous Emdeko sewing machine! She smells all greasy and looks all shiny and the bobbin-loader gadget doesn’t wiggle anymore…I can’t wait to sew with this beauty today!

Madre and I paid a visit to The Slowest Repair Shop In The World on Monday, and discovered that my machine was not on-site…they had taken it home to work on it!  I was a little nervous at first, fearing that I would never see it again.  I actually asked for it back, and expressed my intentions to take it elsewhere for repairs, but it mysteriously turned up with the work completed yesterday, and Madre went to rescue it for me.  *Sigh*  They’ve definitely redeemed themselves, and I won’t even call them names anymore (like “The Slowest Repair Shop In The World”).

I have my work cut out for me today, literally and figuratively!

When I can't sew, I cut!

When I can’t sew, I cut!

Things have been a little slow at the salon lately, so I spent some time cutting fabric between cutting hair yesterday.  I have plenty of Feel Better Bags cut out, so I cut a whole slew of my magnetic bobby pin bracelets.  I just adore that new Holstein fabric!  *Giggles*fabric cutting

Speaking of “Feel Better Bags”, I discovered something recently.  The name “Feel Better Bag”  is sort of already taken, by several different users.  I even found someone else who used the name for heat packs and such!   I have not listed my heat therapy bags with that name on Etsy, it’s just how I refer to them.  I’ve decided to re-brand those babies, and I have come up with a new name for them, which I will reveal soon!  I have a craft fair coming up on the first Saturday in October, and I hope to have everything in place for that event.

I’ve toyed with different things when it comes to re-branding items, my business, the blog…but have decided that “A Hair In My Biscuit”  will more than likely stay just that.  So much of the time, I do feel that I’m hanging on like a hair in a biscuit (old Southern saying for barely getting by), but I have such a great respect for that darn hair (anyone who is always struggling but never giving up), that I can’t let go of the name. [<—-Click that link to learn how the name came about!]  Hair, in general, has been such a huge part of my life, and will probably always remain so, no matter where life or careers take me.

Speaking of hair (and slow days)…I got my bi-annual haircut yesterday!  I’m sure you are shaking your head at me…how can a beauty professional go six months or more without a haircut?  That is exactly why I go that long between haircuts – because I don’t have time to sit in someone’s chair unless they don’t have time to let me!  I cannot cut my own hair, although I think some folks do self-haircutting and come out ok.  I’m not one of those folks, as I have enough hair to share with every stylist in the salon.  I haven’t used heat to style my hair all summer, so my ends don’t get too frazzled, and I just know which products to use to hide the splits and frays.  I’m sure Shuh-Wanda was feeling like she did a service to mankind when she chopped off my ends, though.  The only pic I got was one that I snapped for Coach as I got back in TheMiniVanWithAPlan yesterday morning to go back home and get Pooh’s band practice clothes and shoes, which I then brought back to town so she would be in compliance (she’s a forgetful child…and she even grabbed her practice bag, just forgot to fill it).  Here is one of those annoying car-selfies, complete with selfie

Yep, I got some bangs!  If you want a better view of my new ‘do, you’ll just have to follow me on Instagram.  I’ll share some better shots of it there tomorrow.  I’m off today, so don’t expect me to put on makeup and do my ‘do (or get dressed, for that matter).

All I plan to do today is rendezvous with a 45-year-old sewing machine, some adorable fabrics, and a floor-stain-guy (Yes, he’s coming TODAY!).

One last tidbit before I get to work:  I shared this pic on Instagram yesterday. Madre scarf

I made a whole slew of scarves a few years ago and that’s what I started my Etsy shop with.  There are only three left, and they are mighty cute, I might add!  I’ve marked them down to $7.50 each, and I would like to see them all go to a loving home.  I’m not in the scarf business anymore, so I’d like to clear them out!  If you are reading this, then you have the inside scoop…you can use coupon code SAVE15NOW at checkout in my Etsy shop [<— Click that link to shop!] to get another 15% off this already astoundingly low price!  No one loves a clearance sale better than I do, but surely some of you bargain hunters out there are doing some early Christmas shopping!  This one, modeled by my beautiful Madre, is super-long and ruffled, with cute little palm trees embroidered on it!

I hope you have an amazing hump-day, as I plan to do.  I’m so happy that things are looking up, and I’m looking forward to the brighter days ahead!

X,O,X,O,    Martie