Big Creek Farmhouse Remodel

gnome garden decor

Big Creek’s Gnome Village Garden

Big Creek’s Gnome Village Garden One thing I have wanted since we moved here to Big Creek is a gnome village garden, and it has finally begun to emerge right outside my backdoor! You may remember me alluding to such in a post from last year, Patio Landscaping Ideas. If you don’t remember (or even […]

Landscape Spring Clean Up at Big Creek

Landscape Spring Clean Up at Big Creek Coach has been working his tail off for a few weeks on an amazing landscape Spring clean up, and I finally got the chance to get in there and help him out recently. I also want to show off one of our first DIY outdoor furniture projects! We […]

the most beautiful hike in the world

The Most Beautiful Hike In The World

The Most Beautiful Hike In The World I went on the most beautiful hike in the world a couple of weeks ago, and never left my property. Hiking middle Tennessee is a gorgeous, wonderful experience, and I hope you all get the chance to see it for yourselves sometime soon. I thought I’d share some […]

country antique decorating

Country Antique Decorating at Big Creek

Country Antique Decorating at Big Creek I’ve waited a long time to share our country antique decorating style here at Big Creek, and the day has finally come to show off our hard work! “Big Creek” is our 115-year-old farmhouse, which Coach and I have spent the past 2 years remodeling and restoring back into […]

electric fireplace log sets

Electric Fireplace Log Sets For A Warm and Cozy Christmas

Electric Fireplace Log Sets For A Warm and Cozy Christmas I never thought I would be shopping for electric fireplace log sets. With an amazing, hand-crafted stone fireplace, why would I? I mean, I should just build a real fire, right? Our stone fireplace, built by my step-great-grandfather, is definitely the focal point of our […]

rotten floor joist repair

Rotten Floor Joist Repair is Underway at Big Creek!

Rotten Floor Joist Repair Is Underway! I’m taking a short break from yapping about hair, makeup and beauty because finally…the rotten floor joist repair is underway here at the Big Creek house! My guys got started yesterday morning, and I’m praying that in a couple of weeks, it will all be done. We are so […]

Deck Before and After Makeover

Y’all know how I love a good before and after makeover, right? From hairstyles to home improvements, I think everyone enjoys seeing big transformations.  Today I bring you our deck before and after makeover, because I’m in love with how it turned out.  I’m also in love with the man who did the work! (Coach, […]

Patio Landscaping Ideas

I’m sure you remember my beautiful rock terrace, or multi-level patio, right outside my back door here at Big Creek.  I’ve been hit with some exciting patio landscaping ideas, thanks to some beautification Coach and I did last weekend in that area. Isn’t it amazing how doing some simple cleaning up can spur ideas for something bigger and better?  […]

DIY Zip Line

DIY Zip Line

You may remember last year when I showed off our creekside clean-up and our new zip line.  That was exciting stuff!  You can read about it here if you missed it.  Now I’m revisiting all that fun because swimming season is upon us.  I want to share how you can have your own DIY zip line, […]

Hallway Decor

I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally completed my hallway decor!  It’s been months since we revamped our hallway space, removing a huge, cumbersome piece of furniture and changing the paint.  You can read about that here and here. Once we got that change complete, the hallway became the collect-all.  I […]