Big Creek Farmhouse Remodel

Big Creek | Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guys? I think the groundhog was right!  I’m a little afraid to say it, but here we are, all the way into our second week of March, and the forecast is still positive!  It has been a few years since Puxsatawney Phil predicted an early Spring, and if memory serves, we got […]

How I Rid My Old House of Musty Odors

If you have an older home like I do, I’m sure you’ve battled musty odors at one point or another.  Big Creek is over 100 years old, and has virtually no crawl-space underneath, so some of the conventional methods for eliminating old, musty odors just don’t work for us.  I can’t open my foundation vents […]

Creating Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Good Wednesday morning! I promise to keep today’s post a little short…yesterday’s was a doozie!  I just had so many pictures of Coach’s hard work, and I didn’t want to leave out any details!  Today, it’s my work you’ll get to see, so you automatically can assume it will take up less of your time. […]

New Year, New Bathroom, New Hall!

Happy New Year! I got a new bathroom!  Ok, not really new, just a painted one. I got a new hall!  Ok, not really new, just a painted one.  But still!  Isn’t it exciting? I’m a day late posting, but in the middle of my attempt to blog yesterday, Madre called with alarming news.  My […]

Bathroom Remodel Reveal, Plus a Winner!

Today is an exciting day!  I could hang my head and drag my toe around sheepishly as I tell you that not one drop of paint nor one square inch of flooring decked our hall, but I won’t!  It’s true that the work hasn’t been done, but I don’t have time for hang-dogging! I have […]

Deck the Hall with Paint and Flooring!

We’ve been a busy crew. Between Pooh’s band activities, a couple of craft shows for me, Pooh’s band activities, Christmas shopping, Pooh’s band activities, Tigger’s Girl Scout party (on the same night as a band activity), Pooh’s band activities, and Coach working on the house, there’s been little free time around here (and they said band […]

Big Creek: A Year of Improvements

We’ve been at Big Creek for a year!  I can hardly believe that. In some respects it seems like it’s only been a short time, but mostly it seems like I’ve been here forever, like I never left.  Coach and I have been talking a lot lately about everything we’ve accomplished here in one year, and […]

The Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Tree

I would like to invite you this morning to go with us on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree! I just hope you don’t mind unsuccessful hunting trips. We have a big, beautiful, artificial Christmas tree.  We’ve had it for about 11 years, and we bought it when we had a really small house. […]

Workspace Reveal: Keeping it Real

First things first:  Happy Veteran’s Day!  Be sure you take the time to thank a veteran today! It’s been a little bit of a rough week.  I’m going to tell you about it, and in the spirit of keeping it real, I’m going to follow that with the workspace reveal!  You know, the “dreamy workspace” […]