Big Creek Farmhouse Remodel

A Big Creek Summer With Home Improvements

Summer is in full swing here at Big Creek!  I’ve gotten through my biggest wedding of the season, and I have one more week to work before my vacation starts.  Do you know what that’s got me thinking of?  My awesome Brother Bear and his family are coming to visit again this year for the […]

Gardening Day!

We are celebrating Spring, and have waited so long for gardening day here at Big Creek!  Friday was May 1, so Saturday was definitely going to be gardening day!  We bought all the flowers and veggie plants on Friday night, and couldn’t wait to plant! Touring around Home Depot’s garden center is an event I […]

Easy, Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Hairstylists

Ahhh…Monday.  My day off!  I’ve had a very busy weekend, and I’ve had a bad back on top of that, so I am happy to see my Monday.  I’m feeling a little better, and I’m ready for my Monday routine:  sit around and drink coffee until I can’t sit around and drink coffee anymore, do […]

Big Creek: Still Hangin’ On Like A Hair In A Biscuit

I have shared quite a lot about this old country home we live in, and I realize that so much of it does not seem very inviting.  At times, I don’t even feel invited.  We’ve hit so many snags in trying to begin renovations that I’ve begun to wonder if we’ll ever get to start, […]

Monday Catch-You-Up: Big Creek & Handmade

I already showed you how amazing Coach was during his Spring Break, and how he transformed our shop buildings right before my eyes.  Well folks, that’s not all.  He is unstoppable once he gets on a roll, and I may be showing off for weeks to come from that one week that Coach was off! […]

SPRING! And Our Old House Restoration

SPRING! And Our Old House Restoration If you’ve never taken on an old house restoration, you’re really missing out. Chances are most of you have been involved in some form of remodeling, building, or just repair to your property, so I know you’ll relate to this post, even if your house is brand new. Dealing […]