Big Creek Farmhouse Remodel

The Old-Fashioned Way

I can’t tell you how many blog posts I have written with pen and paper. I wrote this one the old-fashioned way, even though my laptop is just in the other room. I enjoy writing, and always have. I wish my regular old handwriting was pretty to look at, but it is not. I love […]

Back To The Drawing Board -er- Books!

Madre has been moved into her little “guest cottage” for about a three months now, and the old house is just as empty as empty can be. We’ve stripped out all the carpet, and it’s been so nostalgic for me to walk around on those old, bare wood floors. I love being able to see […]

An Assignment That Feeds My Insatiable Curiosity

An Assignment That Feeds My Insatiable Curiosity This post was from my days, when I was going through “Blogging 101”. I remember this fondly, and enjoyed the experience of learning and being challenged. This assignment was one of my favorites, and I had fun thinking about it. Even now, the thought of being able […]

Big Creek Tennessee

Big Creek Tennessee There are lots of “Big Creeks” in the world, I’m finding, but there’s only one Big Creek Tennessee…and no, it’s not a town. The Big Creek I’m referring to is an actual creek, and my family farm sits on its banks. Coach, the girls and I are moving back to my homeplace […]

There’s No Place Like Home

Nine years ago, on Wednesday, April 13 2005, I gave birth to my second child. At that time, we were kind of homeless, although that seems like an extreme way of putting it. When you have family and friends like ours, you are never really homeless, but we were at the mercy of my Parents-in-law […]