Friday Etsy Favorites

hairdresser gifts for christmas

Hairdresser Gifts for Christmas on Etsy

Hairdresser Gifts for Christmas on Etsy If you are looking for amazing hairdresser gifts for Christmas, Etsy has you absolutely covered! Shopping the largest and best handmade marketplace for your hair stylist gift ideas is a win/win…hairdressers are some of the most creative people on the planet, so why not buy them gifts made by […]

Best Small Business Tools on Etsy

Best Small Business Tools on Etsy Welcome to Friday Etsy Favorites!  This week’s finds are all about the best small business tools on Etsy, and I have found some super-cool things to share today!  Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, a boutique owner, or a craft show hopper, there’ll be something here to help take your […]

Friday Etsy Favorites | Etsy Edibles

Friday Etsy Favorites | Etsy Edibles Friday Etsy Favorites is back!  I’ve been slacking. I have a delicious group of Etsy edibles to feature today, and I’m gaining unwanted pounds just by browsing! *This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provided. All opinions are […]

Happy Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

Happy Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy I’m on the hunt for some very happy Mother’s Day gifts, because Madre is the happiest person I know. I mean, who is the most important lady in your life? That’s right…your Mother! That’s why there’s a national holiday to celebrate her! Mother’s Day is May 8 this year, […]

Downloads for Easter on Etsy

Downloads for Easter on Etsy I went in search of the best downloads for Easter on Etsy, and WOW…I found some great stuff! What is a download, you may ask? It’s a cute, adorable, creatively designed gift that you can download and print on your own computer! Instant downloads make for very easy Easter gifts, and […]

gifts for guitar lovers

Gifts for Guitar Lovers ~ Etsy Has Them!

Gifts for Guitar Lovers ~ Etsy Has Them! Need unique gifts for guitar lovers? Etsy has them! It’s no secret that guitar enthusiasts, a.k.a. “pickers and grinners”, are usually pretty creative types, so why not hit the most creative marketplace on the web for your guitar loving recipients this year? I’ve rounded up some of […]

Friday Etsy Favorites| Statement Bracelets

I have always had a thing for bracelets.  I’m not sure if it’s because I have beefy upper arms and bracelets draw the eye to the wrist, or if it’s because I have short, stubby fingernails and want to detract from them, or if it’s just because I love bracelets. Whatever the reason, my favorite […]

Friday Etsy Favorites: They’re Bringing Cross Stitch Back

I don’t mean to harp on the same cross-stitch-subject all week, but you guys have got to see these Etsy shops today. So, ok, I chatted about cross stitching with the Girl Scouts on Wednesday, and I might have mentioned that I wouldn’t mind picking it back up.  But, the more I looked at these […]

Friday Etsy Favorites: Summer Vacation Planning

Who else has a touch of the winter blues?  I have no business being blue, because yesterday was sunny and 60 degrees, and today is supposed to be even nicer, but it just happens in late February.  Plus, I know it’s not over yet; we usually get a nice arctic blast sometime around the first […]

Friday Etsy Favorites: Needle Felting

I have become fascinated with something.  I think once you see these sweet, adorable Etsy listings today, you’ll be fascinated, too. Have you ever heard of needle felting? I don’t know how it’s done, but I know it takes wool. And an eye for the cuteness. How did I go this many years in life […]