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How To: Brow Shaping Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

One of my favorite salon services is brow shaping. Practically perfect brows can be the marvelous crown for any makeup look. I love to tweeze, wax, and artfully create the best eyebrow shape for each person’s face. I love it when someone comes in with wild and woolly eyebrows and I get to bring out […]

Busy Spring in the Salon~Color and Formal Season

Busy Spring in the Salon It’s Spring in the salon! That means we have been busy, busy, busy, which is just the way I like it. Everyone wants a new color, cut or style when the landscape starts changing and the sun starts shining. We had such a brutally cold winter in the Deep South this […]

The Story Of My Life: A Guest Post By Jimmie (Jimmie Has A Problem, Part II)

The Story of My Life – Jimmie’s Recommendation for Red Skin “Oh, your blush is perfectly applied.  How do you do that every time?” says everyone. “I’m not wearing any blush.  I never wear any blush,” says Jimmie. “Why is your face so red?  Don’t you know to wear sunscreen?” says everyone. “I always wear […]

It’s Electric! | Eliminate Static Electricity in Hair

It’s Electric! | Eliminate Static Electricity in Hair Do you need to eliminate static electricity in hair, stat? You’ve come to the right place! I’m sharing all the tips and tricks the hair pros use to do just that! Eliminating Static Electricity in Hair Salons One of the top five reasons why I am ready […]

To Color, Or To Hire A Professional To Color: That Is The Question

Let me begin with a little disclaimer, of sorts. I have several clients who color their own hair, and I want to state up-front: no, I am not talking directly to anyone. This post is about my overall opinion on boxed color, paired with evidence, and a little bit of industry-secret-type-stuff, which should in no […]

Taking Care Of Business

January is gone? Really???!!? I promise you, I sometimes feel like there’s something freaky going on with time. I think, maybe, it’s my age? Nah. So far, the February weather has been more pleasant…not to say it has been fantastic, but it has at least been above freezing. The sub-freezing temperatures of late have really […]

As Seen On T.V., But Better

I loathe television. Except for the occasional weekly episode of Big Bang Theory, I am anti-TV. Why? Because of the ridiculous, noisy commercials. I know the biggest commercial day of the year on television is this weekend, and I will exclude Super Bowl commercials from this, but television advertising is absolutely the root of all […]