Brighter Days Ahead

Yes, there are brighter days ahead…look who’s back!! I could not be happier.  My fabulous Emdeko sewing machine! She smells all greasy and looks all shiny and the bobbin-loader gadget doesn’t wiggle anymore…I can’t wait to sew with this beauty today! Madre and I paid a visit to The Slowest Repair Shop In The World […]

Flaxie Hugs Eye Mask Cured My Puffy Eyes

Flaxie Hugs Eye Mask Cured My Puffy Eyes I look like I’ve been run over by a train this morning.  It’s Friday, I have puffy eyes, and I need to feel better! Here’s a dramatic little story about how my Flaxie Hugs eye mask cured my puffy eyes, Martie style.  I’m female, as you know, which […]

Experiment With Essential Oils

I did a fun experiment with essential oils yesterday! I’ve been curious for a while about the best way to infuse flax seeds with scent, because I’d like to offer some scented Feel Better Bags (my handmade, microwaveable heat therapy bags) in my Etsy shop, and to my local customers.  I’ve Googled it, of course, and […]

Etsy Shipping Checklist… While Remodeling

I have had the most relaxing weekend! Pooh, Tigger and a friend went to Aunt Jimmie’s, who took them to one of her favorite places in the world. I’m sure she’ll be sharing all about it over at her blog, Love Jimmie.   You should totally check her out, but I warn you, you’ll be there a […]

Button Craft Projects with Jimmie | A Guest Post

Button Craft Projects with Jimmie | A Guest Post You’ve got to see Pooh and Tigger’s button craft projects they made with Jimmie recently, because they’re so adorable! I mean, seriously cute! Plus, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, and so easy to do. If you don’t have a Jimmie in your life to make these sweet […]

Bias Binding Shortage? Make it Yourself!

My title sounds like it may have been written by a sweet little home economics teacher who can’t stress the importance of bias binding enough, but believe it or not, I never took home economics.  My homeroom teacher all through high school also taught home economics (hi, Mrs. C!), so I did spend a considerable […]

Monday Catch-You-Up: Big Creek & Handmade

I already showed you how amazing Coach was during his Spring Break, and how he transformed our shop buildings right before my eyes.  Well folks, that’s not all.  He is unstoppable once he gets on a roll, and I may be showing off for weeks to come from that one week that Coach was off! […]

Exciting New Merchandise, and Papa’s Shop After

I have some exciting new merchandise to show off today, and I think it’s going to be the start of something wonderful for my Etsy business! I will get to that in just a minute, but first, I want to share a Big Creek improvement update. The Final ‘After’ of Papa’s Shop Let me start […]

Papa’s Shop: After

I know last Monday’s post was a cliff-hanger, but you’ll forgive me, right?  I’m nervous because Pooh, my oldest daughter, was so angry last night after watching the first segment of Mockingjay, she was spitting nails!  I don’t want anyone to be that angry at me, but I think I’m pretty safe.  Besides, I’m here […]