Craft Room Makeover: After

Well, I did it!  I got my room all pretty!  Surprisingly, it didn’t take all day, not that it would’ve mattered. Because of all the ice, I spent a considerable amount of time at home last week looking for something to do.  I’m home again today, which is normal for a Monday, but Coach and […]

Craft Room Makeover: Before

We have been living here at Big Creek for close to three months, and I have finally decided to perfect my craft area. I’ve worked on my area several times, but I just can’t seem to get everything exactly where I want it. Now it’s just getting on my nerves. I set up shop in […]

Madre’s Big Creek Vintage…Coming Soon!

The super cold, super blustery days have been good for only one thing: staying indoors! Unfortunately, our new/old digs are not very warm inside when it gets down in the teens and single digits. I’m so excited to be sitting here in my shirt sleeves typing this, with no sweatshirt on over it or layers […]

Waves On Wednes….Wait…Um…It’s Thursday?

Yeah, I’m a slacker.  I missed Waves On Wednesday this week!  I also didn’t post anything Monday, in case you didn’t notice.  But, I’m here now, so I’m forgiven, right? Here’s what I was doing. This is going to be my year, guys.  I’m really going to put a lot of effort into my handmade […]

Handmade Ornaments, and Some Other Stuff

I can’t tell you how much I missed this. I really love writing this blog, and I think the unwanted break helped me realize that. I don’t do it out of obligation or any kind of need; I simply enjoy writing, taking pictures, and sharing the story and the illustrations. It is one of the […]

Big Creek Bliss

Tuesday, December 23: Today was a much better day, consisting of a full day at the salon until 3:30, and tons of candy making tonight.  This post was written mostly yesterday, but our new high-speed internet isn’t always so high-speed, so getting a post together takes a while.  It’s not bad, just a little slower than […]

Life Is A Whirlwind

It’s Monday, folks!  You know that means I’m off work, with my ever-so-amazing job of hairdressing.  My to-do list is long for today, and I have a feeling I’ll be ready to go back to work on Tuesday so I can get some rest! We have a contract on our house (YAY!), and I’m assuming […]

My Post About The Assignment, Rather Than The Actual Assignment

I have an assignment today that is proving to be very challenging. How can an imaginative soul like myself write a post for the person I most want to read my blog? My brain has been swirling and whirling around with all of the different hypothetical people that I would love to reach, and I […]

Confessions Of A Pinterest Addict

Welcome to:  Confessions of A Pinterest Addict.  This may become a series… Did you miss me? We had a wonderful anniversary, and a very relaxing weekend.  I bought Coach a Gigi’s cupcake.  It was a wedding cake one, and it was so beautiful.  I would show it to you, but it’s gone, along with the […]