Beautiful Wedding Keepsakes, Handmade By Lotus

I have a special treat for you today!  Because I have so many friends and acquaintances in the handmade industry, I want to start sharing their stories with my readers. I think that people who make things with their hands tend to form communities, so that together, we can remind the rest of the world […]

Pillow Talk, A Fun Keepsake Project

I would like to let you in on my current mood. There is no school today, on March 3, because of winter weather.  Seriously?  To make it worse, when I look outside I see nothing but wetness…there is no snow, but there is ice.  Again. We have been busy around here, but it has been […]

My Two Dads & A Favorite Christmas Present

I’m shaking things up a bit today and I’m going to showcase a handmade item that I did not make. I told you that my favorite Christmas present would get its own post, and this is the post, but you have to have a little back story first. My Two Dads Daddy-O, my Daddy-O, is […]

Four Months In Review

I started this blog in August, and I have had so much fun with it over the past few months. It has been an amazing creative outlet for me, and has inspired me to try so many new things. I love sharing what I’m doing with my friends and family, and I’m excited about where […]

In A Creative Rut

I’ve been in a little bit of a creative rut lately. I tend to get focused on one thing and stay with it long enough to burn out lately, and I don’t know what the remedy is. Ornament baking consumed two full weekends, and I’m still not finished, because I am making Christmas ornaments to give […]

Craft Show Fail | It’s Over, Move On

Craft Show Fail | It’s Over, Move On Let me tell you about my recent craft show fail. I really need to vent, and you’re the lucky audience. Thanks, I appreciate it. About three years ago, when I thought I was a runner, my sister Jimmie and I signed up for a race on a […]


My dressing table is still not finished. I’ve hunted high and low for the perfect mirror and the perfect lamps, with no luck. Daddy-O brought me a stool that I love; it’s supposed to go with Tigger’s desk, which is not even set up. The legs are red, which looks great with our bedding, and […]

Craft Fair Set Up Ideas | Craft Show Crunch

Craft Fair Set Up Ideas | Craft Show Crunch Coming up with great craft fair set up ideas is not easy, but i’m pretty pleased with my progress and wanted to share it with you today. Maybe some of my ideas will help you with your next show! Craft Show Crunch This has been a […]