My Artwork Included

Drawing for a Zine | My First Zine Fest

Drawing for a Zine | My First Zine Fest As long as I’ve dreamed of snagging some illustration jobs, I never dreamed I’d be drawing for a zine and then soon after, attending my first zine fest. I mean, seriously, when I started drawing for a hobby as a little girl, zines hadn’t even been […]

Prismacolor 48 Colored Pencils

Prismacolor 48 Colored Pencils Yes, I have to brag about my Prismacolor 48 Colored Pencils set. Any artist or doodler worth his salt would have to brag over these pencils, especially one who has been artisting and doodling with a measly set of only 24 Polycolor colored pencils, and some ol’ Target brand colored pencils, […]

Instagram is my Hero

Yes, today is Wednesday, and you were expecting Waves on Wednesday, but I’m into a different kind of beauty today. Who loves Instagram?  I do, I do!  Instagram is my hero, because with it, I can actually turn out a pretty decent photograph! I’ve mentioned before how bad I am at taking pictures.  I really wish […]

Testing, Testing…Photo Testing

I know it’s Tuesday, but I’ve been having all sorts of trouble with my photos lately.  I use my iPhone 4S to take pictures for my blog, and ever since I bought a new Mac, the two of them have been turning all my pictures sideways!  GRRR! I have done some troubleshooting, and was hoping […]

Weekend Sneak-In: A Blogging Novice Speaks Out (With Ink Drawings)

Welcome back to all of my long-lost followers! Wednesday was a weird blogging day for me.  Stuff just went wrong!  I am still learning about all of this self-hosted blogging stuff, and when something goes wrong, I panic, and think, ‘I’ll never figure this out’!  I always do figure it out, but sometimes I need […]

Introducing the WWU: Wild Women United

I have this doodle book, and it goes everywhere I go. It’s in that big ol’ bag that I wrote about here. I have sketch pads, notebooks, pens, pencils, and even snacks in that bag, along with my new reading glasses that I purchased out of necessity. But this doodle book is where all the […]

Waves On Wednesday: Halloween!

This will be my first post in my new weekly feature…Waves On Wednesday!  Of course I had to come up with a cute pun for my series, because that’s how it’s done, bruh. This series will be beauty-related, and I will share anything from what’s trending with hair to some trendy hair I’ve done…and everything […]