Etsy Shipping Checklist… While Remodeling

I have had the most relaxing weekend! Pooh, Tigger and a friend went to Aunt Jimmie’s, who took them to one of her favorite places in the world. I’m sure she’ll be sharing all about it over at her blog, Love Jimmie.   You should totally check her out, but I warn you, you’ll be there a while.  She is so hilarious and entertaining and thought-provoking… Yes, she’s my sister, but I’m telling the truth!

While the girls were gone, Coach and I picked out carpet for upstairs, vinyl flooring for the sunroom, and a storm door.  The contractors still have not started, but they have ordered everything and left a nice, large dumpster in our yard.  bigreddumpsterWith three layers of shingles soon to be ripped from our roof, we’ll probably need it!  I’m taking the dumpster as a sign of progress, and looking forward to sneaking my own junk into it when the contractor’s aren’t looking (which would have been whole lot more fun had Coach not told me that the contractor encouraged us to so).

I made three sales on Etsy this past week, and two the week before! Of course, everything Etsy related has been packed up and put away so the guys can start ripping out my sunroom (today, I hope), so I had to scramble around, searching for packing materials and business cards and thank you notes. I needed an Etsy shipping checklist, badly! I did get everything rounded up, shipstuffso I packed it all neatly into one bag.  Now if I need to ship something out, I have everything I need right here…scissors, hole punch and ribbon for my ‘care and instructions’ cards, bubble wrap for my magnets, and even my packing tape!shippingbag


I love to include a hand-written note with each Etsy order, just to say ‘thanks’ and to let them know I’d love some feedback on my Etsy shop.  The power of suggestion does work sometimes!  I scored a whole pile of these little notes for free, from a friend who had over-stocked.  thankyousI also throw in a little “freebie” with each order!  I love getting a little something extra myself, so why not?  I sent a pair of cute handmade magnets in each order this time. freemagnets I make these very simply with glass marbles, scrapbook paper and Modge Podge, but they are just adorable.   IMG_7406

I also make travel soap pouches out of wash cloths, which make great freebies, too….especially if I need something non-breakable to throw in with my larger Feel Better Bags.

Today, I have to order flax seeds, magnets for my bracelets, and grab some flat-rate boxes from the P.O. IMG_7407The boxes are free, and since I can print my shipping labels right on my own computer through Etsy, I rarely have to go in to the Post Office. I also save little bubble mailers and envelopes when I have supplies shipped in, and re-use them to ship out my own stuff.  The little envelopes that my bracelet magnets come in are perfect for sending out bracelets, and the little metal rectangles the magnets come on are perfect for holding my ‘freebie’ magnets together for shipping! Y’all know I love to repurpose, so it should come as no surprise that I save and re-use packing materials.  I don’t want to be caught off guard with no supplies, especially with the Christmas season fast-approaching!  I’m sure hoping that the sales I’ve had lately are a good indicator of a busy Christmas season, as well.

Here’s my little Etsy shipping checklist:

  • tissue paper, for wrapping my items up cute!
  • ribbon, for wrapping the items and for attaching cards
  • Thank-you notes
  • scissors
  • packing tape
  • a ruler for measuring package sizes
  • a small scale for weighing packages
  • business cards
  • stash of saved bubble-wrap, bubble-mailers, and envelopes
  • sharpies (you never know!)
  • glue-tape dispenser for sticking business cards into thank-you cards
  • flat-rate boxes from USPS

And as I finish, I hear the contractors converging on my house!  WOO-HOO! Time to start remodeling!   I better go get used to sewing in the hallway…


X,O,X,O,  Martie