Experiment With Essential Oils

I did a fun experiment with essential oils yesterday!

I’ve been curious for a while about the best way to infuse flax seeds with scent, because I’d like to offer some scented Feel Better Bags (my handmade, microwaveable heat therapy bags) in my Etsy shop, and to my local customers.  I’ve Googled it, of course, and found a few different methods.  One was to use herbs and/or actual dried lavender.  Another option was to use essential oils, which I have used for other things, but don’t know very much about.

I’ve read and heard lots of praise about the benefits of essential oils.  I know that certain scents have certain healing and calming properties.  I’m actually not a huge fan of the lavender scent, but I seem to be one of the few who does not love it.  I’ve never offered scented Feel Better Bags, because I, personally, prefer them unscented.  However, I do think that a great number of people like to have a calming fragrance in their heat therapy bags.

Over the weekend, I came across a Facebook event scheduled for this coming Monday night that piqued my interest.  It is actually a class on essential oils called “What Is With All These Oils?”, hosted by a fellow entrepreneur in a group that I’m part of.  Kayla of Happy Oiling wants to share her knowledge of the benefits of essential oils with anyone interested in learning!  It’s a free class; all you have to do is click “Going”,  and tune in on Monday night at 8 pm EDT, 7 pm CST.   Kayla has been a Star Mentor with Young Living for two years, and I’m so excited to pick her brain and learn more!

I joined her class right away, because I’ve wondered for a long time what all the hype is about.  I then contacted her and told her what I do, and that I’d been looking for a way to add fragrance to my Feel Better Bags.  We decided to collaborate and do a giveaway!

She did let me know that heating the oils can weaken their properties, and that even when cooking with them (learned something there!) it’s best to use light heat.  She wasn’t sure if the microwave would just kill the benefits completely, so I decided to play around with it and find out.  I already had some samples of Young Living oils that a client had given me, so I got to work.IMG_7807

First, I scooped about 8 cups of flax seeds into a gallon freezer bag.  Of course, once I carried it from one room to another leaking flax seeds everywhere, I realized I had a hole in my freezer bag!  I quickly placed that one down into another one to stop that mess from getting worse (leave it to me). IMG_7814 I added about 6-7 drops of Young Living Lavender oil to the seeds, sealed up both bags, and shook it around.  It actually sat around for an hour or so while I sewed up a small Feel Better Bag.  IMG_7815Once I got the fabric sewn up and ready to fill, I opened up the freezer bag of infused seeds, and was just blown away by how good it smelled…and as I said, I usually don’t like lavender!

I finished up my small Feel Better Bag, and then microwaved it for 45 seconds (the small bag can actually be heated a little longer, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t over-do it with the essential oil).  When I took it out, it still smelled so good…but maybe a little less potent after heating.  It was plenty warm, and stayed warm for a good while.

Kayla and I conversed about it, and she informed me that essential oils have smaller molecules than other oils, and they evaporate or sink in more quickly than oils I am used to, so adding a few drops of essential oils to the outer fabric of a finished, heated bag would probably work, as well!  I’m going to heat the ‘dummy’ bag I made a few more times over the next few days, and then I’ll try a few drops on my own personal bag after its heated to see what happens there.

Here’s the best part….I made another brand new Feel Better Bag with my infused seeds to give away at the class!  IMG_7890I will even send some of my extra Young Living lavender oil samples to whomever gets to make off with a free Feel Better Bag, so you can add the scent after heating yourself (once it loses it’s potency).  Kayla told me that with the diffuser necklaces, the oil only has to be refreshed once a week, so the samples I have should last a while for refreshing!

Please join us for her class, if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils.  I am looking very forward to it, and excited about collaborating with her on this fun project!  You can check out the bag that I’ll be giving away above, but I will leave the details to Kayla.   Hope to see you there!

X,O,X,O,   Martie