Friday Etsy Favorites: AHairInMyBiscuit

It’s Friday Etsy Favorites time, and today I’m going to share my favorites from AHairInMyBiscuit, my own shop! In light of the fact that I’m trying to give a Tootsie Hug away, I decided I’d show off a little bit more of what I do today.  Also, discovering awesome finds on Etsy that can make it by Christmas this late in the game might be difficult… but everything in my shop is ready-to-ship, so if you order today, anything in my shop should reach you in time!

Why, yes. I did say I’m trying to give away a Tootsie Hug!  What is a Tootsie Hug, you ask?  It is a soft, fabric bag filled with 100% flax seeds that you can pop into the microwave…then, you slip your cold, achy feet inside the cozy little pocket and relax.


This particular one is sold, but you'll be able to choose from what's available.

This particular one is sold, but you’ll be able to choose from what’s available.

It’s one of the best selling items in my shop, and at the moment there is only one listed on Etsy, tootsiehug

but if you win, you’ll get to choose from my available fabrics and have the Tootsie Hug of your choice made just for you! Click here for the rules and a chance to enter…the winner will be chosen at 8pm CST tonight and announced Monday here on the blog, so don’t put off your entries!

But, since this is Friday Etsy Favorites, I must share more last-minute gift ideas with you from AHairInMyBiscuit!

This is my best-selling item: my magnetic cuff bracelet.  brownbraceletThis bracelet is a perfect gift for your hairstylist, or anyone on your list who loves to sew!  At just $15, it’s an affordable gift, too! It’s a simple cuff with a two-inch strip of sturdy Velcro, so one size fits most.  This particular fabric resembles a tooled leather, but its nice and soft, so it’s comfortable to wear.  The magnet is slightly flexible, so it will conform to your wrist as it holds enough bobby pins for a beautiful up-do, or plenty of straight pins to complete your sewing project!  This bracelet is available in other colors and fabrics, as well, so be sure to check them all out!

Another affordable gift option is a pair of Handy Hugs!  handyhugsHandy Hugs are awesome; just microwave them for about 30 seconds, pop them in to your coat pockets, and your hands will stay warm while you’re out shopping, watching your local Christmas parade, or in your deer stand!  These cute little square bags can also be frozen to treat little bumps and bruises…we call them boo-boo bags at my house!  These are just $12 a pair, and can ship out today!

If you’re looking for something wonderful for someone special on your list, like your wife, your Mom, or your favorite sister, this Flaxie Hug, the Bear Hug, is a perfect gift. bearhug It will ease all sorts of aches and pains, and provides wonderful spa-like relaxation, all while being pretty to look at!  Trust me, any woman would love this one, as it’s very helpful with the kind of aches only women experience!  But don’t rule out hubby, Dad or brother, because it’s available in some dude-friendly colors, as well!  redbearhug


The Bear Hug is probably the most universal Flaxie Hug, as it can cover a variety of aliments, be used vertically or horizontally, and it’s a great size.

There’s so much more to see at AHairInMyBiscuit, so be sure to stop by, and to check back often! If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a little peek of my Etsy shop in the sidebar, and the shop has a page of its own here, as well.  I’ll be adding some new listings today if I can squeeze out enough sunlight for some good listing photos, so cross you fingers for me!  I love making my original hairdresser gear and my popular Flaxie Hugs, and you already know how I feel about Etsy…I’m a very blessed girl to be able to do what I love.  I hope I can help you finish up your Christmas shopping today with one of my handmade-from-the-heart Etsy items. Just click each photo to be taken to that listing on Etsy (except the first Tootsie Hug Photo)!

And, don’t forget to click here for the Tootsie Hug giveaway! 😉

X,O,X,O,   Martie