Friday Etsy Favorites: Organization

Trying to write this post has proven to me how badly I need some organization. It’s the beginning of a new year, and I think everyone’s minds start to gravitate towards “getting it together”, so to speak.  I’m there, people.  I need to get my home, my workspace, and my head space organized and ready to meet my 2016 goals!  My feelings of being all over the place have brought you today’s post.  Nice to meet you, Organization.  My name is Martie, and I need you in my life.

Are you one of those naturally organized people?  Do you have a place for everything, and everything is in its place?  That is a goal of mine, but not something I’ve been able to achieve since the moment I gave birth to my first child.  I’m pretty sure my neatness, my organizational skills, and the good majority of my memory left my body at the exact moment that Pooh did.  Growing up, Jimmie and I shared a room.  We still joke about the fact that there was a distinct line down the middle, where my side met her side.  Mine was neat and tidy, with everything having a very specific home, and hers looked like the mall threw up.  I miss that about me…

So, I searched around on my favorite marketplace (Etsy, of course!) and found some wonderful solutions to some of my most niggling messes.  I won’t waste any more of your precious time!


Let’s start with finances.  Do you keep a budget?  It’s got to be the hardest thing in the world to make a budget and then stick to it, but it’s definitely a goal for my family.  I knew just where to turn for the absolute cutest and most thorough printables for budgeting (or just about anything): IHeartOrganizing on Etsy.  It’s not only an Etsy shop, but also one of my favorite blogs, also IHeartOrganizing.  Jennifer Jones is the girl behind the blog, and she can help you whip every area of your home into shape, and do it with style!  Her printables are too stinking cute, like this Personalized Monthly Budget,budget and they’re also affordable.  You can find printables to plan everything from parties, to pantry inventory, to gift giving in this great shop!  Be sure to check out the blog, as well; I’m dying to get done here to get the scoop on Monday’s post where she organizes a linen closet!  I need that…


Do your kids leave things everywhere?  Of course they do!  It’s what children do best!  God love them.  My girls’ room is upstairs, so I have a tendency to pile their things on the steps.  I know there are stair-shaped baskets out there, but with our narrow staircase, we’d be experiencing some snags and scrapes on our socks and ankles with a traditional woven basket.  I really love these guys: Brite Coral Rope Baskets, Set of 2!  coralbasket

These adorable rope baskets can be found in aPURPLEeggplant, and they look very well-made.  I like this one, too: Brite Blue Coil Basket.


Ok, I like all of her awesome rope baskets, and everyone else’s, too!  These look huge in the photos, but they’re actually pretty small little guys, so they’re perfect for corralling socks, pencils, pens, erasers, earbuds, and all the other little junk that my girls like to leave all over the house.


Shoes.  The thorn in my side, my arch-nemesis, the thing that makes me yell the most: shoes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes for me, to wear…it’s everyone else’s shoes that make me want to scream!  If I say “Pick up your shoes” once in a day, I say it 15 times!  If I had the wall-space somewhere, I’d purchase this shoe storage rack and put it in a central location!  shoerackWait a minute…if they can’t deposit their shoes into their own closets, do I really think they’ll put them on here?  Eh, probably not.  Maybe I’ll just head over to the OLDWOODWORKERSHACK  and pick one up to put my shoes on.  To heck with everyone else!  You can pick your paint or stain color for this nice piece!  Be sure to check out all the other beautiful hand made wood items in this great shop.

While I’m showing off wooden things, let’s go to BurrRidgeWoodProducts!  I just fell in love with their DIY art caddy (or tool box, whatever.)!  woodcaddyIt’s just waiting for you to sand it down, assemble it, and paint or stain it to your liking!  What a neat concept, especially in this DIY-happy world that we live in. This piece is perfect for home, office, or shop, and would even be handy for hairstylists or makeup artists on-the-go.

My second-favorite item in this great shop has nothing to do with organization, but I’m going to show you anyway:  Aren’t they precious?  pigboard

What are your favorite organization tips?  Do you like things neat and tidy, or is a mess your bliss?  I crave your comments, and I’d love to hear how you get organized!  Do you have a blog post about it?  Share it here, in the comments!  I get these organizing urges every year at this time, and I really enjoy taking the time to get things together.  I don’t just organize my home, but I like to give TheMiniVanWithAPlan a good once-over, and I also take time to go through our monthly bills and see where I can score a better deal.  I think AT&T, DirecTV, and the credit card company look forward to my yearly call, in which I ask what they can do to help me out and keep me as a valued customer.  I like to “clean house”, literally and figuratively!  I usually get results!  Free this or that for so many months, a reduction on interest rates….these things add up!

I hope you like my Friday Etsy Favorites today, and I wish you all a comfortable, happy, organized 2016!

X,O,X,O,    Martie