Downloads for Easter on Etsy

Downloads for Easter on Etsy

I went in search of the best downloads for Easter on Etsy, and WOW…I found some great stuff! What is a download, you may ask? It’s a cute, adorable, creatively designed gift that you can download and print on your own computer! Instant downloads make for very easy Easter gifts, and you get that instant gratification. I’m excited to share these goodies with you for Friday Etsy Favorites, because they’re all super cute, and you can get them as quickly as your computer can download them and print them!

Good Friday is one week away. It’s hard to believe that it’s Springtime already, and this slightly-early Easter has caught me off guard!  I haven’t decorated, shopped for treats, or even figured out what I’m going to wear yet.  Thanks to Madre, the girls scored new Easter dresses last weekend while I was off cavorting with Jimmie and Phranke, and Tigger even got shoes!  {Thanks, Madre!} Thankfully, this coming week is Spring break week for Coach and the girls, so hopefully we can get everyone put together in time for the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

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Easter Printables For Kids

First of, let’s fill those Easter baskets with some Easter printables for kids.  I’m excited about the downloads I found to make the girls’ baskets absolutely memorable!  I don’t want to just fill them completely with candy, but chocolate plays a part in every Easter basket. I found several things to make their candy selections lots more fun!

Here’s my favorite one, and the perfect download for easy homemade Easter gifts.

easy homemade Easter gifts

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This adorable Easter box from CooperStation is super-simple; you just download it, cut it out, and fold it as directed. You don’t even have to glue it! It’ll be perfect for smaller Easter candies, like jelly beans or Hershey’s Kisses.

Speaking of those two popular Easter candies, check these out!

Easter printables for kids

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downloads for Easter

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downloads for Easter 1

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I think these are definitely the downloads for Easter when it comes to sprucing up your candy! The adorable little stickers for Hershey’s Kisses come from itswrittenonthewall, and yep, you just print them yourself and stick them on the bottom of one of the best little candies in the world!  The sweet little Hershey’s Miniatures wrappers are over in Studio120Underground, where they also have wrappers for the bigger guys, too!

The soft pastel colors will go nicely with the theme I have in mind for the girls’ baskets this year. I’m hoping to create sort of vintage Easter baskets for them, and I’ve found even more excellent downloads to add to the charm! Read on…

Vintage easter printables

Yes, I said vintage! There are tons of vintage Easter printables to choose from, which will make their baskets so pretty. My absolute favorite vintage-themed find is these adorable boxes from digitalRefugium:

vintage Easter printables

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I absolutely love these! I’ve already bought them and put them together….no glue or tape required! They are the perfect size for a few candies, or just a sweet note. I know the girls will love them!

Since the girls are so wrapped up in Harry Potter these days, their noses in a book every time I look for them, I thought these beautiful, downloadable vintage-looking bookmarks would be in order.

vintage bookmarks

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I found them in magnoliaprintables on Etsy, and just love them.  Since the download includes four bookmarks, I can gift some other people, too!  The same applies to these super-pretty vintage Easter postcards over in sssstudio

vintage Easter postcards

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also in the vintage theme.  I just love the look of all of these wonderful finds, and can’t wait to build baskets this year! Once Easter is over, all of the cute paper products can be used as scrapbook adornments to record your Easter memories, too!

downloadable easter pictures


Christian Easter printables

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But that’s not all. I fell in love with something else in my shopping, and I think it would be perfect above my dining room table this week.

What better way to decorate for Easter than with downloadable Easter pictures like this one? This can be downloaded from LynnHavenDesigns on Etsy. I’ll pop it into a pretty frame, and have a gorgeous Easter decoration with meaning.  I love that He is risen, and I’ll treasure it on a daily basis between now and Easter Sunday! I think I’ll leave it up even after that, in my craft room. It’s such a beautiful reminder of the gift of Easter.

There are plenty more downloadable Easter pictures on Etsy, like this one.

downloadable Easter pictures

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This is another awesome download for Easter, found in the shop GracieLouPrintables on Etsy. I really love the colors on this print, and they kind of fit in with my vintage theme.

Now, all I have to do is pick up some good chocolates, some faux grass, and put everything together! All of these downloads for Easter are going to make the girls’ baskets, and my dining room, just gorgeous to look at this year, aren’t they?  I hope you found something you love, as well. Remember to click on the photos to visit the listing, or the shop names to visit the shop itself, to view and purchase the best Easter downloads on Etsy!

May you and your family have a very blessed Easter!

X,O,X,O,    Martie