Friday Etsy Favorites: The Jimmie Edition

You guys remember my sister, Jimmie, right?  Well, guess what?  She’s an Etsy shopper, too!  She sent me a list of her favorite stuff on Etsy, so I’m bringing you Friday Etsy Favorites: The Jimmie Edition. I think she has more favorites besides just these, so we may be seeing another Jimmie Edition in the future.

Here’s the thing about Jimmie:  she’s an excellent shopper.  I can go into a clothing store with her and I’ll think everything in the store is pure crap, until Jimmie makes me try something on. I’m always pleasantly surprised! She can look at a garment on a hanger that looks like somebody wadded some fabric up in their dirty hands, spit on it, and then ran over it with a truck, and she will see the potential.

Or, when I do try something on, she’ll say “WAIT A MINUTE!”, all loud and bossy, then run out and come back with some accessory that just makes the outfit perfect.  It’s a gift, really.  I don’t have that gift, and I think it’s a lack of patience.  Racks upon racks of clothes, 90% of which aren’t fit to wear in public, make my head spin.  Trying things on is a HUGE time sucker, but as I’ve learned from my sweet sister Jimmie, it’s totally worth it.  When I take Pooh shopping, we look at stuff, put it back, repeat, repeat, repeat, then leave.  When Jimmie takes Pooh shopping, Pooh comes out with a few stunning, perfect outfits.  Sickening.

Now that I’ve said all of that, none of Jimmie’s Etsy favorites are clothes, but no matter.  They are still all really wonderful finds, and I’m sharing them.  So there.

Let’s start with something for your home.  Jimmie has style, and it carries all the way down to her kitchen or bath accessories, like towels.  I have a gazillion towels, and they’re all just plain, boring, solid-colored cuts of terry cloth.  Jimmie labors over deciding which towels to purchase, and which hand towels will compliment her towels, and what kind of towel rack will best accentuate the both.  I must admit, these are pretty great: towels

Hand-woven towels, from Turkey. These are Jimmie towels.  I absolutely love them! They look so soft, and those colors are perfect. See, I never would have thought to look for towels on Etsy, but Jimmie certainly does. Pop on over to loovee on Etsy and buy a set!  I’m tempted to, myself.

Moving on…Jimmie and I grew up with Madre, and Madre loves horses.  Madre went fox hunting every Thursday and Saturday.  You know the sport; everyone dresses up really pretty in jodphurs and nice coats and tall boots, and they ride their horses around with a bunch of braying hounds chasing foxes.  They don’t actually kill the foxes, they just chase them.  Jimmie and I never understood the point, nor caught the fever.  I’m thinking Jimmie fell in love with this next piece because the fox is riding the horse, which is pretty ironic! fox It is super-adorable, and I kind of think fox hunters would love it! What does the fox say? That I’m right, of course! It’s a brooch, made from polymer clay.  Dinabijushop is in Ukraine, and has lots of adorable clay items to choose from. Plus, this fox brooch is on sale, and they’re offering free shipping for Christmas!

This next find is something I see, at least in triplicate, hanging on Jimmie’s arm each time I get to see her awesome face.  I think she has a personal relationship with the shop owner by now.  In her email of Etsy faves, she added a note beside this link that read “I will wear these all the way up my arm one day”.  banglesThis is a gorgeous bangle bracelet, and I’ve seen it in person…it is well worth the $45 price tag.  Every time Jimmie and I go somewhere together, someone asks where she got her silver bangles. The listing is for one silver bangle bracelet, and since the bracelet is handmade, you can get it in any size!  Definitely one of my faves, as well. The shop is VictoriaTeague, and I’ll take one of each item in her shop, please!  You really do need to browse all of her gorgeous items!

This last one is perfect for any wine-lover.  It’s impossible to get that blasted cork back into the bottle, so a wine-stopper is an absolute essential for wine drinkers!  And, who doesn’t have a favorite spot on the map?  corkWhether the wino is a traveler, or just really partial to his or her hometown, this makes a clever, heart-felt, personalized gift!  Head over to TheBluePrint and order your wine-stopper before your favorite place is all gone (Lynnville, TN, please!).

Thanks, Jimmie, for the awesome list of Friday Etsy Favorites!  It’s so much fun to see Etsy through someone else’s eyes, and I promise you, Jimmie’s eyes see all the good stuff!  Click on each shop name to visit the shop, or click on the picture to view the listing.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  Jimmie loves my eye masks at AHairInMyBiscuit!  She says she uses hers almost every day! You can see one over in the sidebar, or on my Etsy page here on the blog (scroll down the sidebar until you see “Pages”, and there you will find my “About” page, and one that says “Etsy Shop”). What a good customer sister Jimmie is!

{The new Etsy page and Etsy Mini sidebar here on the blog are compliments of Phranke, a great friend who has developed my new logo, new business cards, new product cards, and is working on some other awesome new stuff for me.  Thank you, Phranke!}

Happy Shopping!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

P.S.  Where Jimmie’s name is highlighted, you can click it to go read some of her wonderful blog posts!  She’s the real writer in the family.  Enjoy!