A Tour of My Dressing Room

Farmhouse Interior | A Tour of My Dressing Room If you love a good virtual tour of a farmhouse interior, then you have come to the right place. I’m showcasing one particular (and tiny) room today that just might be my favorite room in our old country house: the dressing room. Need to see more? […]

A French Toast To The Weekend

Our weekend started a little early, due to unfortunate weather conditions in much of the area on Thursday night. There were severe thunderstorms, some localized flooding, and possibly even some funnel clouds.  We got a call at 10:30 Thursday night informing us that there would be no school on Friday. So, I’m making a very […]

BBQ Gulf Shrimp

Here’s a little story about BBQ Gulf Shrimp that will make you jealous. Our next door neighbors went to the Gulf of Mexico over spring break.  I don’t even know where they went, whether it was Florida or L.A. (Lower Alabama), but when they came back home, they brought us some beautiful, plump gulf shrimp! […]

Porch Floor, and Pictures of Spring

The Porch Floor The porch floor is finished!  It’s perfect.  I just love the look of it, and there’s no more squishy, dirty carpet to deal with. Who’d have ever thought that fixing the porch floor could bring so much joy?  Coach and the girls worked hard on it, and I even pitched in towards […]

We Floored Our Screened-In Porch for Less Than $100!

Well…. we almost floored our screened-in porch.  We’re not done yet, but we will come in under $100 when it’s all tallied up!  Flooring our screened-in porch was the one project we had slated for spring break, and thanks to Coach, a pretty day, and a little bit of child labor, it’s almost there!  Read […]

Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

If you’re excited that Spring is finally here, raise your hand!  Yes, mine is up in the air, flapping like a kid who knows the answer to the question for the first time all year!  As usually happens around here, the first day of Spring brought the coldest temperatures we’ve had in a few weeks, […]

A Spring Snack Mix | Weekend In Pictures

I got a new camera!  I’m so excited I just can’t see straight. It’s actually only new to me, but it is a far cry better than my iPhone 4s camera, which is what I’ve been using. I snapped pictures all weekend with said camera, including some of my cute Spring snack mix, which we’ll […]

Green Beans and Tomatoes

Jimmie, my beautiful sister, is one of the most health-conscious people I know.  She eats right, exercises, drinks lots of water, and generally tries her best to keep the rest of us on track, as well.  We’d all be fat as bears, walking around all two-seconds-from-a-heart-attack if it weren’t for Jimmie.  She teaches us new […]