Life Is A Whirlwind

It’s Monday, folks!  You know that means I’m off work, with my ever-so-amazing job of hairdressing.  My to-do list is long for today, and I have a feeling I’ll be ready to go back to work on Tuesday so I can get some rest!

We have a contract on our house (YAY!), and I’m assuming that means we’d better be getting the heck out! I’ve been packing like crazy this weekend, but we have a long way to go.  Today, I have to go clean the Big Creek house, so we can bring our stuff into it without all the funky!  There is still Sevin Dust streaked around on the living room and dining room floors (which will be torn up soon, but we can’t live like that until then) from our major flea debacle back in the summer. I would like to line the kitchen shelves with some fresh contact paper, also, but who knows if time will allow for that today.

Coach did get the whole upstairs primed this weekend, and it looks so great already! photo 4 (89) The white we chose is very pretty, and kind of muted.  I can’t wait to see my old room -er…uh…the girls’ new room- with a fresh coat of paint!

While Coach primed away all day Saturday, I hung out in the cutest little small town ever at a craft show.lynncv



The Saturday before that, I worked a show in This Small Town of Mine



photo 4 (88)

I have to say, after last year’s horror-story of a craft show, I am just thrilled with the results of both of these shows!  My Feel Better Bags really showed their stuff and just flew off of my table.

I really am proud of these products.  I’ve designed some really awesome home-remedy bags that stay where you put them and are made to last.  The flax seeds can be nuked a gazillion times over and never stink, which is why I use them.  I get my seeds from a local farm store, and I get fabric from anywhere I can find it.  Some of my bags are made from sheets, shower curtains, and even discarded clothing.  All the fabrics are washed in hot water with a bleach alternative, and my bags are lined and double-seamed for durability. And they have so many great uses!  Sometimes I heat a large bag and tuck it into my bed, right at the foot, and warm it up before I get in.  It beats the heck out of hot coals in a metal can!  Also, the bags can be warmed and placed under a casserole dish with a clean kitchen towel in between.  Since they aren’t washable, you wouldn’t want to have spills on your Feel Better Bag!

I’ve decided that craft shows are not the devil after all, and that with folks like the ones I got to hang out with, it’s actually pretty fun! My amazing Madre was right by my side through both shows, and out-sold me by leaps and bounds (it’s in her blood!).  Plus, the show this past Saturday was held in the same room where a delicious plate lunch was served for only $7. Coach and the girls came to eat with us, and we got to chat with some of our church friends.  Chicken and dressing, cranberry salad, coconut cake…oh yeah!  I was in heaven.

So yes, life is whirlwind,cbpul but it’s definitely an exciting ride!  Expect more jibber-jabber about the upcoming move, what’s new in my workshop, and how it’s going over in my Etsy shop, AHairInMyBiscuit.  I love having you all along for the ride!

X,O,X,O,  Martie