Madre’s Big Creek Vintage…Coming Soon!

The super cold, super blustery days have been good for only one thing: staying indoors! Unfortunately, our new/old digs are not very warm inside when it gets down in the teens and single digits. I’m so excited to be sitting here in my shirt sleeves typing this, with no sweatshirt on over it or layers underneath! It’s finally climbed up into the 40’s and thawed us out enough to be warm inside the house, with our central heat, two infrared heaters, and lots of blankets and snuggling.

I know winter is nowhere near over, but I do love how our painfully cold days are just few and far between. It doesn’t usually drop to the teens and single digits and then stay there for days on end; we have a couple days of it and then we get back to normal winter for a bit. I can handle that. The real winter days are great days for me to sew!  It’s been in the 40’s and 50’s now for several days, and that means I haven’t sewn a thing, but I’ve been working on my Etsy shop, changing around some wording and adding some better pictures.

I have exciting plans to share! Madre, my new neighbor and always mother, would like to have a vintage shop on Etsy! Since she has dial-up internet, I’m going to get her started and help her keep her shop up. She has some great items already, and I’m hoping we can get her started



It will be a lot of fun to do this together. Madre jumped on the Ebay train back when very few folks in our area even had internet access. She had some great success selling her finds, but once Ebay got so huge and high-speed internet became the norm, her dial-up connection just woudn’t cooperate. I know she has missed it, and I know we’ll have a ball ‘sloofing’, which is Madre’s word for vintage shopping.

Madre is an entrepreneur. She always has been. When I was 10 or 11, she jumped in with both feet as partner in a small potpourri factory. She and her partner developed some wonderful aromas, and designed some potpourri that was also very pretty to look at. Within just a few years, she had bought out the partner, developed several new scents, moved to bigger digs, hired more workers, and was writing orders overseas. Cracker Barrel was her largest customer. After 13 years, she sold the business, and declared it a good run. It required quite a bit of travel (Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, New York, Boston…twice a year..), and she was ready to be home. Since then, she has retired a few times, in between owning a successful gift shop, being top salesperson for an industrial lubricants supplier, managing (another) horse farm, and working as a paralegal (with absolutely no training). At other times, she was sort of a ‘cleaner’, as she was often hired to straighten out and catch up accounting books for a business.

Today, Madre is officially retired. She knits, and I enjoy the fruits. She cares for her animals, carries on conversations with her dog that only they could comprehend, helps out with my girls, and refuses to commit to anything, especially anything recurring. But on these cold, bitter days, I know she gets bored. So look out for the launch of Big Creek Vintage! I’ll be sure to provide a link as soon as we get her up and running, so stay tuned!! I’m excited about watching her run another business, and I expect Big Creek Vintage to pass up AHairInMyBiscuit in sales very soon!

X,O,X,O,   Martie