My Favorite Beauty-Inspired Christmas Gifts

I have to share with you a couple more of my favorite Christmas gifts.  I have some people in my life who just know me, and I’m seriously spoiled sometimes.  I hope you all have friends and family as awesome as mine! First of all, remember this? “I highly recommend: 1) Mary Kay makeup brushes. A […]

Skincare for Beginners: Start Early!

It’s never too early to start a good skin routine, so I’m bringing you my best tips for skincare for beginners in hopes that it will get you thinking. Helping your teens and tweens take good care of their skin will go a long way in boosting self-confidence and forming good habits early! Skincare for Beginners […]

The Story of the Annual Christmas Ornaments

The Story of the Annual Christmas Ornaments You just have to hear the story of the annual Christmas ornaments, because I have to show off the handiwork of a dear friend of mine, Mel. I love traditions, and this friend started a great one at our church, which everyone loved. Mel (our former pastor’s wife) […]

Cinnamon Applesauce Dough Ornaments

Cinnamon Applesauce Dough Ornaments I’m excited about sharing my cute little cinnamon applesauce dough ornaments, along with the recipe so you can make some, too! These were a fun and simple project that produced the cutest little clove and cinnamon scented ornaments you’ve ever seen. Let’s jump right in! *This post contains affiliate links, which […]

Tween Hair Care For Beginners

Tween Hair Care for Beginners Let’s talk about tween hair. Yes, I have tweens.  That’s so hard for me to believe, but here they are, and they’re starting to care what their hair looks like! My daughters are changing right before my very eyes. It seems that every day I notice something else about them […]

Craft Show Fail | It’s Over, Move On

Craft Show Fail | It’s Over, Move On Let me tell you about my recent craft show fail. I really need to vent, and you’re the lucky audience. Thanks, I appreciate it. About three years ago, when I thought I was a runner, my sister Jimmie and I signed up for a race on a […]