Phranke Inspires a Giveaway…Enter Here!

I have to brag on my good friend Phranke today.  She has done a ton of work for me lately, and I want to show it all off! Plus, because of her hard work, one of you gets to win something in today’s giveaway!  Read on for the details!

I don’t think I could have made the transition from working full-time in the salon to working at home on my new business nearly as confidently if it were not for Phranke and her beautiful, awesome designs.  She seems tireless, and I’m so crazy about all of the amazing results!

Phranke is the director of marketing for a real estate company.  She has talents in graphic design that I can’t even begin to fathom.  She and Jimmie have been friends since high school, and, like Jimmie, she moved to The Big City after college.  Phranke and Jimmie still hang out, go to church together, and have lazy-movie-Sundays together.  The biggest difference from our high school days is that I’m no longer the annoying little sister, but an actual friend to Phranke, as well!  When Jimmie explained to Phranke that I was leaving my salon job to write a blog and sell my handmade goods on Etsy and at craft fairs, Phranke offered her services for the purpose of helping to market my new business…as a favor to a friend!  I was ecstatic!  It’s not every day that someone with her skill set would take the time to help a friend, but Phranke is not just your average, every-day friend.  She’s a true gem!

I first told you about her just before Halloween when she came down to work on my new logo and, instead, wound up tying bags of caramelized cheese balls with me (I know you want some now, so here’s the post).  She had already come a long way on the project by then, but needed my input and some finishing touches.  She got my messy kitchen, some Boo Mix, and my divided attention.

The next time we worked on it, she hosted me for a sleepover!  That was the absolute funnest!  We went out to eat, procured pints of Graeter’s ice cream, and then stayed up late working talking and laughing!  Early the next morning we went to a special warehouse sale that happens only once a year, shopped around The Big City, had lunch with Jimmie, and then we really did crack down and get to work.  By that evening, I had my new, completed logo (this is one version of it),


a business card design, a new Etsy banner, all new Facebook images,

AHIMB_Fb Header_Blue-02 (1)

and the beginnings of several other things. Isn’t it all stunning?? I mentioned in a previous post to note the new Etsy sidebar, and my Etsy page right here on the blog (be sure to visit the full site to see it all, for all you email subscribers and WordPress Reader subscribers)…all compliments of Phranke!  She has since souped up my Twitter account, as well! I couldn’t be more excited about her designs, and how much all of her hard work has transformed my social media, my blog, and even my in-person business encounters.

The latest addition of Phranke’s work is my amazing new product cards!

Front and Back!!

Front and Back!!

These cards explain what Flaxie Hugs are, how they can benefit you, and what shapes and sizes are available.  I LOVE THEM!  And I love that Phranke welcomed my personal touches, like the scissors I drew for the logo (yes, with pen and paper!), and my sketches of the Flaxie Hugs that she incorporated into these product cards.  Her design work is second-to-none, and part of what makes her good is that she understands her customer, me, and that I like little handmade touches in everything!

I believe with all my heart that these new, special touches have improved my business already.  My craft show on Friday was the best one yet, and I gave out lots of business cards, lots of product cards, and lots of laughs over the name of my business (which was eye-catching on the sign I made with Phranke’s designs on it).  I also believe I will get some return customers once they read over my product cards and learn more about Flaxie Hugs.  I’m so blessed to have a friend like Phranke, and a sister like Jimmie who doesn’t mind sharing her friends!

Your job, dear readers, is to leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the new designs, or suggest a gift I can get for Phranke (as soon as you’re done visiting all the links in this post and leaving comments on my social media..heehee!)   She’s single, owns her own beautifully decorated home, loves shabby chic, loves music, and loves Jesus.  I have some ideas in mind, but I love your input, and it’s always fun to hear ideas from others.  I’m giving away a fabulous Tootsie Hug to one lucky winner today,

This particular one is sold, but you'll be able to choose from what's available.

This particular one is sold, but you’ll be able to choose from what’s available.

and all you have to do to enter is leave comments!  I will put your name in once for each place you visit me and leave a comment, including Instagram (which I did not link), so you can have multiple entries… but your official entry has to be a comment here, on the blog. Any comments left on social media (on a post related to this giveaway) are bonus entries!

Isn’t this fun?  Phranke did something nice for me, and I want to pay it forward!  If you live in the US, I will even cover the shipping, so everyone comment away (don’t forget…here first!) and try to win yourself one of these wonderful, relaxing foot warmers…the Tootsie Hug!  The contest will end on Friday, and I will announce the winner in Monday’s post, right here on the blog.

Good luck, and have a marvelous Wednesday!

X,O,X,O,   Martie