A Hair In My Biscuit

Let’s Celebrate my 100th Etsy Sale!

It’s Friday, and I’m supposed to bring you a list of Etsy favorites, but I just can’t today.  I’m too excited!  I hit the big 100-sale mark on Etsy this week, and I want to celebrate with you instead!  And, since this is my blog, I can change the rules like that. What’s really cool […]

Brighter Days Ahead

Yes, there are brighter days ahead…look who’s back!! I could not be happier.  My fabulous Emdeko sewing machine! She smells all greasy and looks all shiny and the bobbin-loader gadget doesn’t wiggle anymore…I can’t wait to sew with this beauty today! Madre and I paid a visit to The Slowest Repair Shop In The World […]

Madre’s Big Creek Vintage…Coming Soon!

The super cold, super blustery days have been good for only one thing: staying indoors! Unfortunately, our new/old digs are not very warm inside when it gets down in the teens and single digits. I’m so excited to be sitting here in my shirt sleeves typing this, with no sweatshirt on over it or layers […]