Friday Etsy Favorites: They’re Bringing Cross Stitch Back

I don’t mean to harp on the same cross-stitch-subject all week, but you guys have got to see these Etsy shops today. So, ok, I chatted about cross stitching with the Girl Scouts on Wednesday, and I might have mentioned that I wouldn’t mind picking it back up.  But, the more I looked at these […]

Let’s Celebrate my 100th Etsy Sale!

It’s Friday, and I’m supposed to bring you a list of Etsy favorites, but I just can’t today.  I’m too excited!  I hit the big 100-sale mark on Etsy this week, and I want to celebrate with you instead!  And, since this is my blog, I can change the rules like that. What’s really cool […]

Friday Etsy Favorites for Him

Who agrees with me that Christmas shopping for men can be a challenge?  My husband is not that hard for me to shop for, because I pay attention to his needs all year.  I usually know what he wants and needs better than he does!  But, we all have  Dads, brothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, uncles, cousins…what to […]

Friday Etsy Favorites: The Jimmie Edition

You guys remember my sister, Jimmie, right?  Well, guess what?  She’s an Etsy shopper, too!  She sent me a list of her favorite stuff on Etsy, so I’m bringing you Friday Etsy Favorites: The Jimmie Edition. I think she has more favorites besides just these, so we may be seeing another Jimmie Edition in the future. […]

Friday Etsy Favorites 11/13/15

I have found some really great stuff this week and I’m super excited to share it all with you!  Friday Etsy Favorites is shaping up to be my favorite blog topic already, in only it’s second week.  I have a passion for Etsy, and I love being a seller, because I believe in the platform and I […]

Friday Etsy Favorites

Just stopping in today to show you some gorgeous things I’m seeing on Etsy, the handmade marketplace where I sell my own creations.  I love to browse through what’s new, and I always find things that I would like to have!  Read on for Friday Etsy Favorites! Sometimes, shopping on Etsy can be frustrating.  There are […]

Making a Change

This is my last WaVeS oN wEdNeSdAy. Why?  At the end of October, I am making a change, and “retiring” from my 18-year career in the beauty industry.   Since I was around 10 or 11 years old, my dream was to become a hairstylist.  I expressed this desire to Madre numerous times over the years, and […]

Etsy Shipping Checklist… While Remodeling

I have had the most relaxing weekend! Pooh, Tigger and a friend went to Aunt Jimmie’s, who took them to one of her favorite places in the world. I’m sure she’ll be sharing all about it over at her blog, Love Jimmie.   You should totally check her out, but I warn you, you’ll be there a […]

Stuff I’ve Made, And A Yummy Cupcake Recipe

My weekend was fantastic!  I made a variety of stuff over the weekend, even though it was pretty busy around here.  With Pooh finally getting home from Chicago late Friday night, and Tigger getting all geared up to go to 4-H camp, we’ve been hopping.  Somehow I even managed to squeeze in some baking, and […]