How To Be A Good Salon Client

Welcome to WaVeS oN wEdNeSdAy!  Today, with much lightheartedness and humor, I would like to enlighten the world on how to be a good salon client. I try to be the best hairstylist I can be….I really do.  I schedule my clients a reasonable amount of time apart, and I stay on schedule.  I keep […]

A Hairdresser Balances Work and Family

[I’d like to start this off by saying:  This is yesterday’s blog post, which is just so hilarious to me considering what this is about.  Balancing work, family, and just life in general, is so challenging!  Yesterday morning was just like any other peaceful morning, and I was working away on this post, until the […]

The Old-Fashioned Way

I can’t tell you how many blog posts I have written with pen and paper. I wrote this one the old-fashioned way, even though my laptop is just in the other room. I enjoy writing, and always have. I wish my regular old handwriting was pretty to look at, but it is not. I love […]