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Makeup Brushes 101 | A List of Essentials

Welcome to Makeup Brushes 101, where I’m going over all the essential makeup brushes and uses. You’ll want to bookmark this! I’ll even answer the question, “how do I clean makeup brushes?”, because cleaning your brushes is just as important as having the right ones. Everyone wants their makeup to be on point, and no […]

Waves On Wednesday: Put On A Pretty Face

Something about Spring makes me start thinking about new makeup. Of course I’m thinking about makeup for the salon, and for the upcoming wedding season, but I also start thinking about revamping my own makeup stash! I’m ready for bronze skin and less makeup, honestly, but I’m not there yet. I use the same two […]

A Wedding Party, And The Giveaway Details!!

This is the post that begins the voting for the giveaway…These are the  Just when I thought wedding season was over, I got a call from a young woman curious about airbrush makeup for her wedding day. This sweet girl was one I knew from Coach’s basketball coaching days, and I was in disbelief that […]