Testing, Testing…Photo Testing

I know it’s Tuesday, but I’ve been having all sorts of trouble with my photos lately.  I use my iPhone 4S to take pictures for my blog, and ever since I bought a new Mac, the two of them have been turning all my pictures sideways!  GRRR!

I have done some troubleshooting, and was hoping for your feedback.  I need to know how the photos look on your phone or mobile device, and how they look on your computer.  Just leave me a comment and tell me how these pics look!





What you see here is, in this order, my dining room,  two cantaloupe halves side by side, a glass of tea, and one of my sketches.  Is everything right side up?  Is it good on phones and desktops?  I’d be so thrilled to get your feedback!  I’m trying to work on taking better pictures, but when something comes in behind my back and turns them all around, that does NOT help!  I’m hoping I’ve fixed it, but I just need you sweet subscribers and readers to let me know!

Thanks a bunch,